Phone Number: (907) 378 3240
Inside Artisan’s Courtyard Studio 3
1755 Westwood Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709 


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We have exciting news!

Aerial Yoga of Alaska has some really exciting news!

Starting mid-August, we will be changing our schedule and adding new classes. Shelly, the owner of Aerial Yoga of AK will announce the new schedule and classes by the end of July. We will let you know details via email and Facebook posts. It will also be updated on the website.

Even more excitement is brewing as we add hot yoga private and semi-private sessions to Shelly’s availability! She’s open to taking on current, former, or new clients for a unique yoga experience. Shelly is teaching classes in a satellite studio and will share the address with reserved clients.

If you have any questions about all the new and exciting changes, please contact shelly directly: or you can contact her marketing team:


Kids Circus Camp with Aerial Yoga of AK

As a child, what were some of your dreams? Flying to the moon? Becoming a ballerina? Whatever those dreams, I’m sure they were filled with magic and endless possibility. That’s what Aerial Yoga’s Summer Circus Camp wants to bring to your children-  the magic of flying in the air!

For two weeks, we’ll teach your kids the basics of aerial yoga and will have guest instructors come and teach some fun circus tricks. Your kids will have so much fun making new friends, improving their strength and endurance, and showing off their circus acts!

At the end of the camp, they’ll have the opportunity to perform at the Golden Wheel Carnival in Fairbanks, meet the circus troupe, and pose for pictures with them next to the giant ferris wheel!

Space is limited so sign your child up today and help bring a little magic into Fairbanks!

July 6 - 20
For children ages 6 -12
Monday - Friday from 1 - 3pm
$400 and includes a unitard and Aerial Yoga of Alaska bag
Email us with any questions:




FAIRBANKS, AK - Aerial Yoga of Alaska (AYAK) is now the proud studio of kids birthday parties! As of winter of 2016, Birthday Parties became the new trend at AYAK. Children as young as age 6 are invited to celebrate their birthdays while swinging from the ceiling with Shelly and her awesome instructors.

Birthday parties are a total of 2 hours with 1 hour of guided instruction, 30 minutes of playtime, and 30 minutes of opening presents and/or cake on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  The maximum number of children per party is 12.  Parties at AYAK are a great way to have fun with your friends, learn new skills, and have an amazing experience. We take tons of pictures and are happy to videotape the children’s performance.

It is recommended that parents book parties at least two weeks in advance with a non-refundable deposit of $150. The two hour parties are $300 with a $25 clean up fee for any food brought in by the families. Parents are welcome to stay and watch or drop off for 90 minutes. An additional 30 minutes is $50. Payment is due in full before the party begins in cash or credit, AYAK does not accept checks for parties.




FAIRBANKS, AK - Aerial Yoga of Alaska (AYAK) is launching a new small business partnership to be known as the ‘community shares program’. AYAK will be partnering up with local businesses to offer their clientele 10% off of class packages (new AYAK clients) as an incentive to try out their classes. In return, the studio will exchange website links with partners for their new website page “Community Shares” and off their partner discounts to AYAK clients.  All clients have to do is say “I saw your link on (local business) website and would like the 10% off!”

This is what the page will look like on AYAK website:

Business 1
Discounted # and service applicable
Business 2
Discounted # and service applicable
Business 3
Discounted # and service applicable
Business 4
Discounted # and service applicable

Links will be set to the business name and AYAK hopes to continue building a happy Community Shares program!



If you love trying new activities and/or your children are interested in taking classes, stop by Shelly’s booth during the exciting three day event. Her studio is for both adults and children, ages 6+. This is the type of studio that barely ever discounts any of their services. “Our classes are one of a kind and we hold that to a unique value. We love to show off our talented crew and their skills at A Woman’s Affair!” Read More


Aerial Star of the Month - Gracyn

Here at Aerial Yoga in Alaska, we are starting a wonderful new program called “Student of the Month”. For the month of April, Gracyn was chosen to tell her amazing aerial story! Read More