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Aerial Star of the Month: Wendy!

For the month of May, we've chosen Wendy to be our Aerial Star! Here's the interview we enjoyed having with Wendy..

Q: What inspired you to try aerial yoga?

A: I was at the Cirque du Soleil performance last year when I learned about it. I always wanted to try the silks, but didn't know something like this was available.

Q: Why do you keep coming back to classes?

A: I really love the challenge of learning new tricks on the silks. It is fun and a good workout.

Q: What makes Shelly or any of your other instructors so great?

A: All the teachers I have worked with have been great-- kind and upbeat. Shelly has a wealth of experience to share. She is encouraging to students of all ability levels.

Q: What's your favorite move or trick?

A: I like to hang upside down in back straddle.

Q: Did you make new friends at the studio/ is there a sense of community?

A: There is a great group of ladies in my class. It is fun and encouraging to work with them. We all support each other.

Q: What do you think of our events coming up? Fly & Mingle is one of the first.

A: I'm not sure about upcoming events, but the most recent workshop was very helpful.

Q: What makes you, you?

I am 53 and have recently had both hips replaced, so my flexibility is limited. This activity builds strength, yet is low impact. It really motivates me to work on my endurance and flexibility so I can do more tricks. It has gotten me off the couch and back to working on increasing my level of fitness.