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Aerial Star of the Month

Here at Aerial Yoga in Alaska, we are starting a wonderful new program called “Aerial Star of the Month”.  For the month of April, Gracyn was chosen to tell her amazing aerial story!

Q: What inspired you to try aerial yoga? A: I met Cora, a 12 year old- aerial yoga star at the 2015 Go Winter Expo at the Carlson Center and she taught me some of her signature moves. I was instantly hooked!

Q: What keeps you coming back for classes? A: I keep coming back because it’s fun, relaxing, and peaceful. I love learning new moves and pushing myself harder every week.

Q: What makes Aerial Yoga of Alaska so unique? A: The instructors are really nice and helpful. They listen, watch me, and give me great advice. Shelly encourages me to try new things. I love her!! I love coming back for more. I’m addicted!!

Q: What’s your favorite move that you learned with Shelly? A: My favorite move is the "roll-up"! It's FUN to do!!!

Q: Did you make new friends at the studio? A: Yes! After meeting Cora, I met so many new friends in the beginner and now the intermediate class. I’m always making friends and we all LOVE aerial yoga!

Q: Is it fun? (what a silly question for us to ask!) A: Yes! I have so much fun that I picture myself doing aerial yoga for the rest of my life!!! I asked my Mom if (in our next house) we could have ceilings high enough to hang silks from...she said, "YES"!

Q: Would you like to have your birthday with us? A: I didn't know that aerial yoga offered birthday parties! 12th birthday party will be spent doing aerial yoga with all of my best friends...and I have A LOT of best friends!!!

Q: What makes you, you? (so special, talented, unique, great!) A: I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a little over two years ago. I wear an insulin pump to keep me alive and when I found out that I had Type 1 I made a decision to live my life to the fullest!!! I am very active and have chosen aerial yoga as my favorite way to exercise. Exercise is one of my very favorite things and very important for kids with Type 1 Diabetes!

A word from Gracyn’s mom:  Our diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes over two years ago changed my life. I thought that only unhealthy people could have Diabetes. I had a lot to learn.....a lot. My little "over the top" active girl depends on an insulin pump to keep her "alive". She depends on her positive attitude and energy to "thrive". Gracyn is an amazing little girl and spokesperson...she is proud to talk about and explain Type 1 Diabetes to anyone and everyone who will listen. When she was first diagnosed she told me that she knew exactly "why her". She never felt sorry for herself....she, instead, chose to use her Type 1 to help others better understand what comes with living with Type 1. I am amazed by her strength and have learned so much from her and this journey that we are on. She's kicked my BUTT!!  I am now running again...lifting again....I'm healthy again. If this little girl can live and thrive...there is absolutely NO reason for me not to do the same. After her Mom....I SO have to be able to KEEP UP WITH HER!!!

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