Phone Number: (907) 378 3240
Inside Artisan’s Courtyard Studio 3
1755 Westwood Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709 


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Bikram intermediate

This class is taught by:

Shelly Yoshida

Welcome to Aerial Yoga of Alaska! Shelly has been practicing and performing aerial acrobatics as well other circus acts (including but not limited to; fire dancing/spinning, stilts walking, and ring master acts) for over a decade. After extensive training and performing in aerial acts, fire spinning, as well as  teaching Bikram yoga all over the country (i.e., California, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, Oregon, Georgia, and more), she moved to Fairbanks, AK in 2013. Shelly has been teaching aerial arts including aerial hammock and silks at the Artisan's courtyard since June 2013.  Shelly is very passionate about teaching not just tricks, but the form and most importantly, focusing on the alignment of the body while the students are in the postures. Shelly loves to share her knowledge to kids as well as to adults and hopes to increase the "circus population" right here in Fairbanks. Whether you're just curious about what we do, or want to see what we're all about, please feel free to come by and say "hi"!!! Shelly's dream is to bring the community together and give back to the community via fun fitness. She can't wait to meet you all! 
The class contains one set of all the beginner series postures you already know but we expand further from this into new postures and variations. Each class will have a slightly different focus in terms of the skills and body parts we are working with. By developing awareness of your postures and parts of your body you will get some new ideas to take back to your bikram practice as well. The parts of class with which you are familiar will move more quickly, with less instruction than a beginner's class; whereas new ideas will be taught more thoroughly with a chance to ask questions